Only 5 Steps from Opportunity

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You are only 5 Steps away from Opportunity

Do you need to find opportunity? Does the door to opportunity seem firmly locked?

Focus on 5 steps to unlock the key to opportunity;

  1. Expand your profile to let opportunity find you: Meet relevant people, attend networking events, comment online, get noticed and develop a selection of colleagues that can find opportunity for you.
  2. Be the best: Update yourself and your level of expertise, always be on top of your game, know what you’re talking about and exude confidence to make sure opportunity knows what you can do.
  3. Demonstrate what you can do: face to face and virtual demonstrations on the solutions you can provide are vital to encourage opportunity your way. Keep it simple and engaging.
  4. Be easy to contact: Make yourself accessible, friendly and open to opportunity. Answer phone calls or return calls as soon as possible, answer emails promptly and give contact information on your website or blog.
  5. Be organised and flexible: State specifically what you can do, or introduce a series of potential ideas. Explain what will happen, when, where, how, who will you be involving and how much will it cost. Opportunity likes flexibility and transparency.

You will now find opportunity.

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