My five favourite social enterprises

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You may have already worked out, from my other posts, that I’m one hundred percent focused on supporting social enterprise. I love the personalities and little niche’s that can be found within the third sector, and the enthusiasm and drive that keeps it all going.

2012-06-05 11.02.06I’ve chosen my favourite social enterprises because I believe in the ethics and vision, and the type of activity delivered by the organisations. I haven’t worked with all of them, but I love the concept.


I know some of the team here, and they share the passion and enthusiasm required to grow the company from a small enterprise.  Refurnish prevents valuable resources from going to waste, reducing landfill and increasing the opportunity to recycle.  The business model promotes environmentally sustainable living by collecting and restoring furniture and distributing to new homes, making furniture affordable.


I’m an avid reader with a house (and head) full of books, so this is one of my favourite business models. I love how Reread encourages people to recycle their books for the enjoyment of others, and provides different ways of involving lots of people in reading.  Although I am still preparing myself to let go of some of my novels for a good cause!

Blackburne House 

I’m so excited to see how this project gets going, it’s a new one, and I love the idea.  The Bee Project will not only help bees, but also create jobs, honey and beer too!  As the bee population is running dangerously low something has to be done, and more projects like these will help our environment as well as provide employment opportunities!

The Big Issue

A fantastic business model, which of course has its critiques!  It’s a great concept to create a magazine for resale by homeless people.  The magazine varies in quality of contributions but generally it has great content.  I hope you buy one regularly!


This is a charity that encourages people to make healthier, cleaner and cheaper travel choices, particularly focusing on cycling and walking.  They are campaigning for Safer Streets, and to Get Britain Cycling, among other travel campaigns. Their social enterprise activities include an online shop and fundraising campaigns.

There are many fantastic social enterprises out there, and these are just some examples of what can be done to make lasting, much needed changes. I hope they inspire you too!


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