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I was busy reading through the leadership articles last night when I came across Ray Madaghiele’s piece on ‘How to maximise the potential of your organisation’.

It is a really useful article as Ray provides a handy organisation medicine  tool that he calls the Circle of Success, and explains how to use it in simple steps.

circle of success

The tool looks at Planning, Staffing, Team building and Processes, breaking each one down into the ingredients needed to breed success and profitability into organisations.  Each quadrant has 4 focus areas where energy and resources should be invested.

The circle has benchmarks from 0 to 10 in which to mark where you feel your organisation fits on the scale of 0 to 10.  Once you’ve marked where you think the organisation currently is at each of the 16 points, see if your circle has any flat parts, or is it a perfect circle?

This is useful to complete as part of a team, either as one, or to compare each other’s to establish accuracy in the scoring. Be honest to make sure the exercise works effectively.

I’m convinced every organisation will have some areas for improvement, and that’s where you need to focus more energy and resources. I would suggest choosing a timeline in which to re-assess and take note of the improvements.

I’ll be keeping updated with Ray Madaghiele’s linkedin posts to see what other little trick he can teach us.  If you’re not already on Linkedin you may want to have a little browse for some useful leadership tips and tricks to maximise your potential too.

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