Blogging for Charity – is passive income a myth?

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'Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright'

‘Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright’

We started this blog a while ago now and it has been a bit slow to get started.

The idea was we would raise money for charity using the digital ‘passive income’ method.  We keep being positive because that’s the only way to be!

The blog intended to raise money for charity, once we mastered the art of blogging. At first getting our heads into the technical wonders and mysteries of blogging seemed an impossible feat, but that’s now part of our everyday blogging life.  Knowing what to write comes easy, and there’s still reams waiting to be edited.

We don’t seem to have reached the ‘passive’ stage yet! A long way off in fact.  The daily round up of forums and pinning, alongside writing relevant content, finding images that work and then promoting the blog, all seems very much a full time effort. It’s not surprising the smaller charities and not for profit’s can not get involved.

The focus still needs some work, but the fact that our expertise is both width and depth is mirrored in this blog. According to all the blog guides though, the focus needs to be specific, so we continue to discuss how to narrow ourselves down to create a successful charity blog that is driving in the money for good causes.

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Regardless of the success of the blog our work continues in the communities, but we want to do more.

We want to do more great things for people in need, reduce poverty so no child has to go without. We aim to encourage a good quality family life by eradicating problems and to support older people to be warm and healthy.  Our charity needs to continue to help those that need to change their lives, learn, work and build confidence.

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You want income?

Think how much more we could do if our charity blog became just as successful as some of the profit making bloggers claim to be!  We could create a blueprint for charities and not for profits around the world.  For these reasons we will continue to share our stories, and build our readers who can then let us know what they would like the blog to be sharing. How can we be of more use to support our causes of education, training and eradication of poverty by helping families to reach employment?

That is our plan. We are assured a passive income is not a myth. At the moment it is very intensive and couldn’t be described as passive, but I will soon report on our success.

We will keep you updated!

Stay positive!

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